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What a wild year so far. We reopened in mid-May, just before Memorial Day and we’ve been open since with lots of support! Here’s what we’ve learned in the world of Paddling:

  • Exercising outdoors in the open air and on the ocean is a great way to meet up with friends and enjoy some healthy fun.
  • Masks are challenging but necessary, we have to wear them all day, you only have to wear then when you’re near us. Please respect that social contract. Thanks!
  • Reservations can be checked in and on the water in less than 5 minutes most days. Having a waiver signed before you arrive also speeds the process up. The less time you are in the shop, the better for us all!
  • Island Adventures are also a great way to spend the day with friends and family without having to be inside or in your backyard!
  • We all need to be careful but we also have to keep ourselves active and enjoy ourselves. We can do both here at Paddle Sports Center.

See you on the water soon!

PSC Team

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