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Everyone knows that with regular exercise comes a slew of health benefits ranging from weight loss to lower cholesterol and feeling more energized. Not everyone knows that you can amp up all those benefits by taking your workouts to the ocean. Paddling on the water ties in the sun, the ocean vibes, a full body workout and a relaxed state of mind. Here are five reasons you should be adding paddling to your workout plans.


Often times people think that kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding are just about working your core and upper body. While paddling is an excellent alternative to pushups or a round of sit-ups, paddling does more than just work your upper body. Paddling is a low impact exercise that increases overall strength by engaging your entire body and improving your endurance. And don’t forget about the sweat from exercising under the sun!


Stand-up paddle boarding requires a great deal of balance and coordination to be able to stand up right on your board. If you are standing on your paddleboard correctly you will feel your core and legs fully activated to keep you upright and paddling. With your focus set on balancing on your board you will notice all of your other worries and stressors start to fade. Paddling on the water is an easy way to relax your mind and decompress. This brings us to reason number three.


Being on the ocean is proven to relieve symptoms of anxiety due to the calmness of the waves and from being surrounded by the color blue. The blue of the ocean puts our bodies and minds into a meditative state. This sense of clarity opens up a new part of your brain that cultivates more creative thinking and mindfulness. Humans are naturally connected to the ocean, there is a reason we look to the water when we need to clear our minds…it’s because it works!


Of course you always want to use waterproof sunscreen and keep your skin protected from the UV rays of the sun but it is also important to get a healthy dose of vitamin D. Sunshine serves as a natural boost of serotonin, making you feel happier and more energized. It is also important to get the right amount of vitamin D so that our bodies can absorb calcium and promote stronger bones. Where can we get calcium? Right from the ocean! Next time you are out paddling and getting pretty sweaty, opt for a swim in the ocean. Sea water is filled with essential minerals like calcium, magnesium and even potassium, all of which are beneficial to healthy skin.


As we get older and our lives start to revolve around work routines and all of those fun-sucking adult responsibilities, we forget to feed our sense of adventure. Going to the gym is nice for a quick workout but it doesn’t give you the same feeling you get from paddling on the coasts of Santa Barbara. The beauty of ocean fitness it the opportunity for adventure. With the whole ocean as your playground you have the ability to make every workout different and explore new waves of sea life every time, all while getting in a good sweat.

Don’t have a kayak or paddleboard? Sick of loading and unloading your equipment or finding the right places to get on the ocean? That’s why we’re here! Check out our membership page to learn about our monthly fitness dues and corporate wellness plans all designed to make it easier for you to get out there ocean paddling and start soaking up all of these healthy benefits.

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