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PSC Membership

This is the best option for the local paddler who doesn’t want to commit to a monthly plan. Memberships offer a special rate which is 25% the public rate. If you bring guests everyone on your ticket gets 25% off of the rental rate. This is an annual plan so it spans the 12 months from when you sign up and auto renews on your anniversary.


25% off everyone on your rental ticket

Memberships Are





Family Memberships are perfect for the casual paddler. Everyone on your rental ticket will get 25% off of their rental for that day.

This discount can also be applied to online reservations.

Let us know how many people in your family over 18 will be using this and we’ll add this to each of their accounts so you can each come in on your own and use this membership. This renews each year on your anniversary date unless you ask us to cancel it.

  • 25% off all rental rates
  • Access to all equipment and premium paddles.
  • Full Moon Paddles and Member Events

How to sign up?

Start Here

Select the membership type and the first day you want to paddle. Don’t worry if you aren’t sure on the date/time, we aren’t going to hold you to it, it’s just a friendly way to get you started!

How does payment work?

The $49 is per person. If you want to cancel, you must let us know at least 5 days prior to your anniversary date.

Age Restrictions to be aware of:

  • Under age 12 the child will be a passenger on a tandem kayak, no paddlers under 12 on single kayaks. Members who use a tandem with a paddler under 12 will be charged for the single kayak rate. 
  • Kids under age 12 cannot ride on a SUP with an adult.
  • Members over the age of 12 but under the age of 16 must paddle with an adult on the water. Over 16 can paddle without an adult as long as they have permission from the parent.
  • Must be 14 or over 5 feet tall to paddle on a SUP. This for your safety and is at the discretion of our staff based on the weather at time of check-in and forecast for the day.
  • 4 legged paddlers are always welcome!