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Ocean Explorers Summer Camps 2021

"Pods" will be limited to 10 campers w/ 2 counselors

NEW for 2021 - Keiki Dolphin Camp ages 5-7 FULL DAY PROGRAM!

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Summer Camps Registration Available Now!

Ocean Explorers Camp by Paddle Sports Center

The Ocean Explorers program are designed with conservation, education and exploration in mind. This camp’s intention is to serve as a resource for youth to become more connected to the ocean. Each week will focus on ocean sports and marine education topics that directly connect to our local marine environment. Daily activities include a variation of kayaking, stand- up paddle boarding, boogie-boarding, surfing, body surfing, snorkeling, beach play, beach cleanups and ocean education.

*New for 2021 Summer Keiki Group

The Ocean Explorers Keiki Dolphin camp is for our younger explorers. By learning sports that help connect to the ocean and its vastness beyond, we will give your keiki dolphin explorers a chance to build confidence in the water while giving them a unique perspective to view fish, seal, sea lions, and possibly dolphins below or above the water. Together let’s explore & learn new skills that bring our ocean to your flippers! Daily activities include beach play, kayaking, boogie boarding, surfing, body surfing, learning about snorkeling, beach play, beach cleanups and ocean education.

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