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Membership Sign Up Fee Per Person 12 years and older - Includes your first months dues
Fitness Dues thereafter per month auto renew
Fitness Dues thereafter Student/Senior per month auto renew - 55+ Valud Student ID


This is your alternative to the gym, it is your outdoor fitness center. Just think, instead of lines to get on treadmills, you have dolphins & whales swimming alongside of you! Paddling for fitness not only calms the mind, but strengthens the body.

  • Paddle everyday for up to 2 hours for free (when paying dues)
  • If dues are not current you can paddle for 25% off the public rate.
  • Member only kayak and SUP paddles.
  • Guests paddle at reduced rates (25% off if you pay for them, 10% off if they pay)
  • Rewards on eligible spending

How to sign up?

Sign a waiver online and then come into the shop and let the staff know you want to sign up to be a member!

How does payment work?

NO CONTRACTS, stop and go anytime!

Your sign up fee of $99/person starts your first month of dues. You will be auto renewed at either the Adult or Student/Senior rate. You can choose to stop the auto renew at any time (give us 3 days from your renewal date) and then you will receive 25% off the public rental rate. You can start paying dues again at anytime.

Membership Details:

  • Membership is per person over the age of 12.
  • Under age 12 the child will be a passenger on a tandem kayak with an adult and that is no charge.
  • Kids under age 12 cannot ride on a SUP with an adult.
  • Members over the age of 12 but under the age of 16 must paddle with an adult. Over 16 can paddle without an adult as long as they have permission from the parent.
  • Kayaking is charged per person. If a member paddles in an tandem kayak with a non member, the non member will be charged either the guest or member rental rate depending on who pays.
  • Reservation are not required. Reservations guarantee priority, and members are always granted priority. If equipment is not available when you arrive, you may have to wait until it becomes available. In all of our years of doing this, we have only ran out of gear on hot holiday weekends 🙂