Goleta Beach Wildlife Kayaking Tour

Paddling Campus Point State Marine Conservation Area

Where UCSB, Isla Vista & Goleta Beach Meet the ocean, lays a 10.51 sq mile state conservation area known as Campus Point.  This area is completely a 'No-Take Zone' where fishing is strictly not allowed.  When you leave the ocean to it's own desires, it thrives.  Paddling over this rocky reef, you will find an abundance of marine life below your feet.  We meet and launch from our satellite location on Goleta Beach.

Pricing: $65/person*     |  4+ 5% OFF |  10+ 10%OFF |  20+ 25% OFF

Duration: 2hrs

Start Time: Daily - 10:00am

Paddling Distance: +/- 2miles

Min age: Minimum age 5 years old with an adult