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Anacapa Island Kayaking

Boat Transportation Included | Group Rates Available | Reserve your spot today

Quick Details

1-4 Adult Kayakers w/ boat trip 9 years and older | Tandem Kayak by default
5-10 Adult Kayakers /w boat trip 9 years and older | Tandem Kayak by default
11-16 Adult Kayakers w/ boat trip 9 years and older | Tandem Kayak by default

Downwind Kayak Adventure

Our World Famous “Downwind” Caves and Coves Kayak Adventure is unlike anything you’ve ever done before. Thanks to our specially built adventure ferry, the Sunfish, we launch our kayakers on the upwind side of Anacapa Island and enjoy the current and wind at our backs as we make our way to the iconic Anacapa Arch.

Anacapa Island is home to the only nesting habitat in the United States for Pelicans and Western Gulls.

We kayak near the volcanic cliffs where we can have an intimate and non invasive experience with Pelicans as they begin to fledge the nests.

We also see birds of prey including Bald Eagles, which also nest on West Anacapa Island.

Rough Itinerary

8:00a – Meet at Marine Emporium Landing in Oxnard (next to Hollywood Beach)
9:00a – Begin crossing Santa Barbara Channel to Anacapa Island, looking for whales and dolphins.
10:30a – Arrive at West Anacapa Island and begin launching kayaks.
12:00p – Meet at Sunfish in Cathedral Cove for lunch and swimming. Bring your own snorkel gear if you want to snorkel.
1:00p – Paddle to Anacapa Arch
2:00p – Load Sunfish and wash of and prepare for return crossing to Oxnard.
2:30p – Return crossing to Oxnard, again searching for wildlife!
4:00p – Arrive back in Oxnard.

COVID Procedures:

  • If you aren’t feeling well, stay home. You will receive a 100% credit for a future trip if this is the case.
  • All guests will be temperature screened prior to boarding the Sunfish.
  • Galley (inside of the boat) is no available for passengers to store gear or sit.
  • All passengers must wear a mask while onboard, you can remove the mask when kayaking.
  • All seating is outside, bring blankets and warm clothing.
  • Snorkel gear is not provided due to contamination hazards. You can bring your own snorkel gear.
  • If we have to cancel for any reason due to COVID or weather, you will get a full refund or credit for a future trip, your choice.

Things to Bring:

Since we have to close the Galley of the boat to passengers, please pack tidy and have your gear in a bag.

  • Lunch and Beverages in a small cooler. Please keep your food easy to eat and avoid a picnic style lunch.
  • Water bottle and snack to bring with you kayaking.
  • Warm clothing for boat trip (long pants, sweater, blanket, and wind jacket)
  • Splash jacket for kayaking (raincoat works)
  • Bathing suit and towel
  • Headlamp for caves (not required)
  • Camera (waterproof for kayaking, SLR can stay on the big boat)
  • Sunscreen (reef safe please!)
  • Hat and Sunglasses
  • Cash Gratuity for the crew
  • Sense of Adventure 🙂

Things to Leave Behind:

  • Glass bottles
  • Marijuana, Cigarettes, E-cigs (marijuana is still federally illegal and is not allowed on USCG vessels)