5 Common SUP Beginner Mistakes

Stand-up Paddle Boarding (SUP) is for everyone. Well, it can be for everyone. Sadly, there are those who become deterred after their first paddle and sign off on the ocean sport. So what exactly goes wrong for that percentile of potential paddlers? Is it the cold wet element or the sore muscles the morning after? There are countless reasons this comes about, but what it boils down to is the sport is more technical than it looks. If you have never stand up paddled before, then you my friend, are a beginner. I have accumulated the top mistakes I see new paddlers make in order to give you a jump start on your paddling experience.

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Fraser Kersey
Top 5 Health Benefits of Paddling

Everyone knows that with regular exercise comes a slew of health benefits ranging from weight loss to lower cholesterol and feeling more energized.  Not everyone knows that you can amp up all those benefits by taking your workouts to the ocean.  Paddling on the water ties in the sun, the ocean vibes, a full body workout and a relaxed state of mind.  Here are five reasons you should be adding paddling to your workout plans.

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Leash Up for SUP

Stand-up Paddle Boarding (SUP) has vastly grown in popularity in recent years.  With this surge of interest and ease of accessibility to rent or purchase a board, a large volume of people are experiencing the ocean from various skill backgrounds.  While the majority of our renters are members who frequently paddle, we still find a significant amount of paddlers that come to our shop are first time SUP'ers.  When Paddle Sports Center first brought kayaking to the Santa Barbara Harbor in 2001, it was met with strong resistance.  Our business taught a large volume of lessons in the early years as newcomers became familiar with kayaking.

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