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Ocean Explorers Kids Summer Camps

Helping your Kids Tune into Nature, Build Skills and Learn about the Ocean

Looking for an exhilarating, fun outdoor experience for your kids this summer?

Paddle Sports Center has developed an outstanding program for kids for that combines the physical excitement of ocean paddling with a dynamic, hands-on education geared towards conservation and exploration. Offered as a summer day camp, after-school program and as a field trip for schools and homeschoolers, our Ocean Explorers program has been honed over the years into an unforgettable experience that teaches kids valuable skills, fosters a deeper relationship with the ocean, and provides exhilarating fun in the sun. A very popular that continues to grow year after year, our Ocean Explorers camp is a great way to unplug, unwind and have fun learning new skills, and our summer camp session will begin soon!

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Rethinking Fitness with Paddling Memberships

Skip the gym and head to the Harbor or Goleta Beach for Exciting, Immersive Exercise 7 days a week

Have you ever thought of the ocean as a way to get your daily exercise? PSC offers monthly memberships that make it easy to slip into the water for up to 2 hours each day with your choice of kayak, SUP or surfboard. You’ll get a fantastic, full-body workout that will definitely feel like “me” time, without the hassle of hauling your wetsuit or gear. Surrounded by the mountains and the ocean, you’ll also expand your workout routine to include total immersion in nature, leaving you grounded, refreshed, and as research shows, healthier. Suitable for families, couples and singles, a PSC Paddling Membership is an easy, affordable way to elevate your workout, improve your health and increase your quality of life on a daily basis.  

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Happier Teams and Better Bottom Lines

Paddle Sports Center has developed an outstanding Leadership and Team-Building program based on paddlesports and risk management techniques. The program has helped organizations to enhance social relations, better define roles, and hone leadership skills among their employees. One of the most fun, engaging and memorable ways to achieve these goals is paddling on the ocean. We’re honored to share our vast skills and experience to create successful learning experiences with businesses looking to form more productive, cohesive and quality-driven teams.

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Bringing Enriching & Fun Programs to the Community

One of the most satisfying aspects of running Paddle Sports Center is that it gives us the opportunity to give back. We are often involved in projects like beach cleanups and safety trainings, and we hold regular events that educate and involve our community. We’re always looking for more ways to spread our love of the ocean and grow our tribe. For the past 8 years, we’ve been partnering with a fantastic local non-profit to share resources and create programs that get more people exposed to the benefits of being on the ocean. We wanted to let you know what we have going on this summer, and give you a closer look at our partner and their outstanding work with youth in our community.

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History of Santa Barbara's Waterfront

Today, the Waterfront is Santa Barbara’s crown jewel - a prosperous fishing industry, a busy harbor bustling with boats, gentle surf perfect for water sports, beaches stretching up and down the coast, shopping, restaurants and tourist attractions for all ages. It also has a long history rich with Maritime culture and a few individuals whose influence changed Santa Barbara forever.

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150 hours of Santa Barbara

Adam Nagler is one of the most astoundingly determined and meticulously health conscious people you’ll meet in the harbor. He’s been a part of Santa Barbara’s local community for the last 18 years now, and a dedicated Paddle Sports Center Member. Coming from the “big city” lifestyle and growing up in New York, the community in SB surprised him. It has been a refreshing change of pace and an important inspiration to him.

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Experience the Flow

The word calls to mind many things. To proceed readily. To have smooth continuity. To hang loose and billowing. To deform under stress without cracking ---used especially of minerals or rocks. Or, “flow” can be a particular way of thinking and feeling, more than anything else. It’s liquid quality leaks looseness, portraying it’s peaceful properties, calling to mind sheer seaside serenity.

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Top 5 Health Benefits of Paddling

Everyone knows that with regular exercise comes a slew of health benefits ranging from weight loss to lower cholesterol and feeling more energized.  Not everyone knows that you can amp up all those benefits by taking your workouts to the ocean.  Paddling on the water ties in the sun, the ocean vibes, a full body workout and a relaxed state of mind.  Here are five reasons you should be adding paddling to your workout plans.

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Leash Up for SUP

Stand-up Paddle Boarding (SUP) has vastly grown in popularity in recent years.  With this surge of interest and ease of accessibility to rent or purchase a board, a large volume of people are experiencing the ocean from various skill backgrounds.  While the majority of our renters are members who frequently paddle, we still find a significant amount of paddlers that come to our shop are first time SUP'ers.  When Paddle Sports Center first brought kayaking to the Santa Barbara Harbor in 2001, it was met with strong resistance.  Our business taught a large volume of lessons in the early years as newcomers became familiar with kayaking.

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