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Rethinking Fitness with Paddling Memberships

Skip the gym and head to the Harbor or Goleta Beach for Exciting, Immersive Exercise 7 days a week

Have you ever thought of the ocean as a way to get your daily exercise? PSC offers monthly memberships that make it easy to slip into the water for up to 2 hours each day with your choice of kayak, SUP or surfboard. You’ll get a fantastic, full-body workout that will definitely feel like “me” time, without the hassle of hauling your wetsuit or gear. Surrounded by the mountains and the ocean, you’ll also expand your workout routine to include total immersion in nature, leaving you grounded, refreshed, and as research shows, healthier. Suitable for families, couples and singles, a PSC Paddling Membership is an easy, affordable way to elevate your workout, improve your health and increase your quality of life on a daily basis.  

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150 hours of Santa Barbara

Adam Nagler is one of the most astoundingly determined and meticulously health conscious people you’ll meet in the harbor. He’s been a part of Santa Barbara’s local community for the last 18 years now, and a dedicated Paddle Sports Center Member. Coming from the “big city” lifestyle and growing up in New York, the community in SB surprised him. It has been a refreshing change of pace and an important inspiration to him.

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